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Upwork/oDesk SMM(Social Media Marketing) Test

New Test Answers for Upwork's Social Media Marketing Test - Updated on January 2016:

1. What is the character limit for posts on Twitter?
 Answers: • 140 characters

 2. How can a company place itself as an expert in a certain area of expertise?
 Answers: • Actively answer questions in the Q&A section of the site

 3. What type of status updates would drive visitors to the company site?
 Answers: • A link to a new press release hosted on the company site

 4. What is meant by A/B testing in marketing?
 Answers: • Testing 2 versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response

 5. Using which of the following two methods can a company ensure that the proper audience finds their YouTube videos?
 Answers: • Post links on the company blog to the YouTube videos

 6. How does a blog directly impact sales of a company?
 Answers: • It is typically used as the way to disperse company coupons

 7. What is meant by "micro-blogging"?
 Answers: • Blogs with limited individual posts, limited by character count typically

 8. What do Connections on LinkedIn effectively represent?
 Answers: • People and other companies the user is connected to directly

 9. What is the term adopted for updates posted by Twitter users?
 Answers: • Tweets

 10. Which of the following is an easy way to track the website hits of a specific marketing campaign with a link to the company website?
 Answers: • Creating landing pages specific for each campaign

 11. What feature does LinkedIn offer for pay accounts?
 Answers: • Increased abilities to connect directly and send messages to people

 12. What is meant by Brand Management?
 Answers: • Creating a consistent image for the company

 13. What traditional marketing technique is YouTube closest to?
 Answers: • Television advertising

 14. Why is it important to have a company blog hosted on the company web domain versus a third party blogging site?
 Answers: • Search engine rankings will include hits on the blog as part of the overall website hits

 15. What is the general purpose of posting a video blog routinely to YouTube?
 Answers: • It allows the company to drive website traffic to its blog

 16. What is the ultimate goal of a social network marketing plan?
 Answers: • Drive potential customers to the company and give them an action item to perform

 17. What is "guerilla marketing"?
 Answers: • Marketing which relies on time and energy rather than a large dollar budget

 18. How does YouTube serve a dual purpose in social media marketing?
 Answers: • It can be used as the forum for dispersing company videos, as well as a host when embedding videos in sites outside of YouTube

 19. What is a "wiki"?
 Answers: • Interconnected and user generated knowledge management systems

 20. What should a company do for commercial advertisements on YouTube in order to maximize their effectiveness?
 Answers: • Ask the watcher to visit the company site at the end of the video

 21. What is the overall goal of social media marketing for companies?
 Answers: • Generate sales

 22. What is one measure a company can use to validate the usefulness of its video posts on YouTube?
 Answers: • The amount of views of the video

 23. How can a company create a forum for dialogue on LinkedIn?
 Answers: • Use of Groups

 24. How is site traffic useful in evaluating marketing?
 Answers: • Ads can send receivers to a specific landing page, which can be tracked

 25. Why is there no specific definition of what is social media marketing?
 Answers: • The concept is relatively new compared to traditional marketing and is still being defined

 26. How do ebooks represent a form of marketing?
 Answers: • They are often free, include useful information, and direct the reader onto the company which created the ebook for further information

 27. Which of the following is an important aspect of creating blogs and posting content?
 Answers: • Posting at least once a month to the blog

 28. How can a company convert posts on Twitter to sales?
 Answers: • Creating posts which drive followers to their site

 29. What style of videos can a company post on YouTube?
 Answers: • All of the above

 30. Which of the following would be leveraging both social network and traditional marketing?
 Answers: • A print advertisement in a magazine which drives people to a website where there is a free trial offer

 31. How does creating a social network marketing plan differ from a traditional marketing plan?
 Answers: • The staff requirements and skill sets for social marketing are different

 32. What non financial measure of marketing is important to track?
 Answers: • Number of impressions

 33. What is a "vlog"?
 Answers: • Video Blog

 34. What are the four P's of marketing?
 Answers: • Product, Price, Place, Promotion

 35. What should a company post on Twitter?
 Answers: • All of the above

 36. What would the marketing budget section of a marketing plan consist of?
 Answers: • The expected costs for each ad campaign based on the delivery method

 37. What is the method for being linked to other users on LinkedIn?
 Answers: • Connections

 38. How often should a marketing plan be revisited?
 Answers: • As often as needed in order to revisit the plan of action and revise any new actions

 39. What place does Pricing have in marketing?
 Answers: • Different pricing levels can be tested to see what elicits the best consumer response

 40. Why is it important to post to a blog regularly?
 Answers: • Keep readers engaged and also gives search engines content to index

 41. What is meant by the concept of "viral" in social media?
 Answers: • Social media which is spread to viewers by the consumer, growing in popularity

 42. How can LinkedIn serve the company aside from social network marketing?
 Answers: • Job openings can easily be dispersed to qualified candidates on LinkedIn

 43. What is a "call to action"?
 Answers: • Giving an advertisement's receiver a specific direction such as 'visit the site'

 44. How far into the future should a company plan its marketing activities?
 Answers: • Up to 1 year

 45. What is the main reason traditional marketing will never completely go away?
 Answers: • It's proven to work time and again

 46. What style of blogging would be most effective for building relationships with customers?
 Answers: • Writing posts about the company and its ups and downs from inside, personalized approach

 47. What can a company do to offset the cost of running a blog?
 Answers: • Place ads on the blog which generate pay per click income

 48. What methods of social network marketing should a company always use?
 Answers: • Depends on the company, their product, their audience

 49. What is a contingency plan?
 Answers: • A set of actions to be taken if the original plan does not perform as anticipated

 50. How can a company use the same material for both traditional and social network marketing?
 Answers: • Utilizing a television ad campaign online as well on their site and sites such as YouTube

 51. What is "social media optimization"?
 Answers: • Creating content which easily creates publicity via social networks

 52. What is meant by the "blogosphere"?
 Answers: • The interconnected community of blogs via linking to each other

 53. Which type of marketing would a company blog be considered?
 Answers: • Social Network Marketing

 54. What is a method of marketing on Facebook which can reach several users by spending money?
 Answers: • Facebook Pay Per Click placed advertisements

 55. What can a company do on Facebook apart from their page to create a following?
 Answers: • Use Groups, both company originated and posting to other groups

 56. What do updates to Facebook status resemble most closely?
 Answers: • Posts on Twitter

 57. What is another term for "social media"?
 Answers: • Consumer Generated Media

 58. What should be the length of an effective blog post?
 Answers: • A few paragraphs

 59. What is meant by "Marketing Creative"?
 Answers: • The content for marketing and its creative aspect

 60. What is the term used for a person who is receiving updates of another Twitter user's updates?
 Answers: • Follower

 61. What does the product portion of the 4 P's of marketing focus on?
 Answers: • The product or service being marketed to consumers


1. True or False? Wordpress blogs have a setting you can choose that automatically re-direct users to the mobile version of the site.
Answers: • True

2. True or False? You should use social media to invite your audience to talk back to you.
Answers: • True

3. Click, comment, share, and like are all examples of a/an ________ you can include in Facebook posts.
Answers: • call to action

4. What is Search Engine Optimization?
Answers: • Optimizing a webpage so it generates traffic naturally.

5. Which of these social media platforms is NOT image based, and therefore will NOT help sell products customers would want to see?
Answers: •

6. What is a hashtag?
Answers: • A tag embedded in a message, consisting of a # symbol followed by a word to tap into a trending buzzword or keyword

7. Hootsuite can be used to schedule a post
Answers: • Yes

8. Which of the following is NOT a social media channel?
Answers: • email

9. What is the name of Facebook's built-in analytics system?
Answers: • Insights

10. What is the best way to gain more followers on Twitter?
Answers: • (All of these)

11. What is Google Analytics used for?
Answers: • All of these

12. Social Media Marketing directly engages the customer by:
Answers: • All of these

13. Facebook makes money from:
Answers: • advertisements

14. You can share a page on Facebook the following ways:
Answers: • All of these

15. How is site traffic useful in evaluating marketing?
Answers: • Ads can send receivers to a specific landing page, which can be tracked

16. How can you make your company LinkedIn profile stand out for customers/clients?
Answers: • Complete your company page to 100% and get recommendations from current customers/clients

17. True or False? Articles with images get more total views than articles that don't.
Answers: • True

18. Which social network uses 'repins'?
Answers: • Pinterest

19. What should you take into account when developing target keywords phrases for SEO?
Answers: • All of these

20. What is a “call to action”?
Answers: • Giving an advertisement’s receiver a specific direction such as “visit the site”.

21. Social media is an effective tool to grow your mailing lists.
Answers: • True - Social channels offer many opportunities for newsletter and mailing list opt-in.

22. What is a "KPI"?
Answers: • Key Performance Indicator

23. To tag someone in a Facebook post,
Answers: • enter "@" followed by their name.

24. What additional feature does LinkedIn offer for pay accounts?
Answers: • Increased abilities to connect directly and send messages to people

25. How do Facebook Ads target specific users?
Answers: • All of these

26. What is the name of Facebook page analytics?
Answers: • Insights

27. What is a double opt in process?
Answers: • Someone must ask to be on your email list, and then verify by clicking a link they want to be on it

28. Before creating a viral social media campaign, what is is the first step you need to take?
Answers: • Carefully plan the campaign and consider different scenarios

29. True or False? LinkedIn displays page metrics to the admins of a company profile.
Answers: • True

30. What is meant by A/B testing in marketing?
Answers: • Testing 2 versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response

31. Which social media platform, founded in 2010, offers businesses the option to create accounts where fans can select images, such as their merchandise, to put in collections and re-share with friends?
Answers: • Pinterest

32. You are able to post private pictures that only select people see on Instagram.
Answers: • True

33. The percentage of people who come to a website and leave instantly is measured by the:
Answers: • Bounce Rate

34. It is proper Twitter etiquette to post links in your tweets as
Answers: • shortened URL's.

35. For which industry is Myspace a commonly utilized marketing channel?
Answers: • Music and entertainment

36. Effective social marketing emphasizes which of the following content types?
Answers: • Content relevant to the intended audience, and not always about YOU or your company's products

37. What tone should your company's blog have?
Answers: • One overall perspective, no matter if one person is writing it or several people are writing it

38. Tweets have a limit of:
Answers: • 140 characters

39. Tumblr traffic peaks:
Answers: • in the late evening hours

40. An important goal of marketing on social media channels is to
Answers: • all the answers are correct.

41. What is a good way to secure your branding?
Answers: • Make sure you claim your company name on ALL social networks, even if you're not ready to launch

42. What is Quora?
Answers: • A question-and-answer website curated by its community.

43. What is the process called where you keep track of your company's mention on the web
Answers: • social listening.

44. What does API stand for?
Answers: • application programming interface

45. In addition to publication on your company & personal profile pages, where is the best place to share content on LinkedIn?
Answers: • Groups

46. What is a QR code?
Answers: • A scannable Quick Response barcode that redirects a phone to a linked website

47. What question should a mission statement answer?
Answers: • Why does your company exist?

48. What does the acronym AMA, most commonly used on Reddit and Tumblr, stand for?
Answers: • Ask Me Anything

49. What is #ff and on which social networking site it is popular?
Answers: • #FF hashtag stands for Follow Friday and is popular on Twitter.

50. What is Newsjacking?
Answers: • Injecting your ideas and angles into breaking news in order to generate media coverage for yourself

51. You CANNOT use Foursquare to:
Answers: • buy movie tickets

52. What are the topic-specific subcategories that make up Reddit?
Answers: • Subreddits

53. What is the name of the mobile app that allows users to capture and share 6-second looping videos directly through Twitter?
Answers: • Vine

54. Which of the following Twitter tools will NOT allow you to schedule Tweets and track analytics?
Answers: •

55. Once your website URL is tagged as SPAM on facebook, you can only add your link on which facebook communication?
Answers: • None

56. When using a company LinkedIn page, who should you be targeting?
Answers: • Specific audiences - targeted messages for different segments

57. What are Facebook Offers?
Answers: • Ads for special promotions set up directly on your Facebook Page rather than using Facebook Ads. They can be used for offline and online businesses.

58. If you block someone on Facebook, you can still see their posts on another friends timeline.
Answers: • False

59. What can you measure to determine how influential you are on all your social media channels?
Answers: • Klout score

60. In general, Facebook ads receive a higher ROI from:
Answers: • iPhone users

61. Is it possible to track *who* unfollows you on Twitter?
Answers: • Yes, with the help of an app

62. What does the social media metric PTAT stand for?
Answers: • People Talking About This

63. What is a piece of content passed from person to person that changes and evolves along the way to fit the latest trending topics on social media?
Answers: • Meme

64. In your Facebook Insights, the percentage of people who have created a story from your post, out of the total number of people who have seen it is called its:
Answers: • Virality

65. What is the self-styled “The Front Page of the Internet”?
Answers: • Reddit

66. A "friend gate" is a social media marketing tool to
Answers: • harvest likes on Facebook with the promise of an offer or coupon after the visitor likes the page.

67. What signifies a modified retweet?
Answers: • MT

68. Which of the following social media websites doesn't verify its most popular users?
Answers: • Instagram

69. Which program lets you follow or unfollow twitter users in bulk?
Answers: • ManageFlitter

70. Which two scores are given by Kred?
Answers: • Influence & Outreach

71. Do LinkedIn apps show up on your public profile?
Answers: • No

72. What's the name of the award given to the best people and organizations on Twitter by the Twitter community?
Answers: • The Shorties

73. The Facebook groups privacy options are
Answers: • open, closed and secret


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