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Best practices to target keywords according to Google search results

Keyword optimization, A process of researching and analyzing the suitable keyword phrases according to your content. To begin with this process, you will need to understand the things like a visitor. You have to keep this in your mind first, when you do research the keyword phrases for your websites. Do not place your keywords research or optimizing your site for those keywords which you think or like. The right choice of keywords directly targeting traffic back for your website from the search engine result pages (SERP’s). So, the proper keyword optimization is the finding of targeted and profitable keyword phrases that your potential visitors looking for.

This process will increase the visibility in the search engine result pages for your site with your targeted keyword phrases. The actual choice of keyword phrases and keywords are the specific combinations of the words, that a user enters in to the search box of the search engine and get the most relevant results or sites according to their searches for a particular subject. This process will play a role of determining where you lands in SERP’s.  Now it could mean the difference that where you don’t lie anywhere in the web, or being found as a first site that users usually clicks while performing the searches. 

keywords research

This is absolutely critical for any SEO to choose really appropriate keywords for their websites and to finding themselves in the search result pages for those keyword phrases that they are aim at website’s visibility. However, apposite keyword research and optimization is perhaps one of the most common area overlooked by the online marketers.

Below are some best practices, which is used to familiarize yourself with decisive optimization elements:

1)      Use of Keyword research  tool :  A very famous and free keyword research practice tool is Google adword keyword suggestion tool , where you can type a keyword phrase and it will explicit more and more ideas or a list of associated words similar to your search for your particular subject. 

2)      Demand of long tailed keyword phrase: This long tail tactic is so effective that you can get great results from a page without getting anything from its primary target keyword. The actually searches on the web are round about 30% and the remaining 70% lie for long tail searches. For making long tail structured keywords, you have to plan the structure of your website’s content , organize it to categories , allocate keywords to relevant categories. Long tail keywords are a way of expanding on a core, generic  word to be made in to more specific targeted keyword term.

3)      Keywords variations and use synonyms: Well most of the visitors not using same words for searching information and you just have to think like end users, create some variation to the targeted keyword phrase by adding some words in the starting, in the end and in the middle of the keyword. For being self explanatory, use some words having similar meanings to your targeting keywords.

4)      Use Relevant keyword phrases:  The main and major practice we use for keyword research are their relevancy, place all keyword phrases according to content and the information provided on your web pages of the website. This process will allow the search engines to determine relevancy and originality by subject matter, rather than the keyword density.

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