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How to Use Yahoo Answers Interms of SEO

Yahoo answer is a website that allow to people question and answers and get answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences. We can post any query in this site, many people provide the answer  of your query. We can put links in our answers related  to question where questioners found more about solution. Yahoo answers provide the stage or level  for members. Level s  change bases on points.
yahoo answers

Points and Levels
When a member register, yahoo answer provide 100 points for beginners.The number and points depends on specific action we take. 
Begin participating on Yahoo! Answers One Time:        100
Ask a question                                                               -5
Choose a best answer for your question                           3
No Best Answer was selected by voters                          5
Answer a question                                                           2
Self-deleting an answer                                                   -2
Log in to Yahoo! Answers                              Once daily: 1
Vote for an answer                                                           1
Vote for No best answer                                                  0
Have your answer selected as the best answer                10
Receive a violation                                                        -10
Levels are different things to keep record how active on yahoo answers. As much as increasing our points we reaches higher levels. Yahoo answer increase our limits with my level.

yahoo answers for seo

Links Into Yahoo Answers

When we start on yahoo answers the link that we type will appear in as a text. As we participate in question answering in website. We earn points that increase my levels when we reach on 250 points then we on level 2. That URL type will be appear as active hyperlinks.

SEO Benefits of Yahoo Answers
 Yahoo answers and other similar websites  are a great way to get quality and natural inbound links to our website. Using this regularly in fair and effective way , we can create a very good community over our-self. Yahoo answer are something of a cross between a forums and a meta search engine. People  search many query related to our business. If searchable questions have my answer with links of website then much better for visitors, leads etc.We can share informative things , knowledge , services , content through yahoo answers.

Yahoo answers are very good techniques of building natural and quality links.Yahoo Answer is very popular website of these website at this time. Millions of users reaches in day on website. If a person search a questions about any topics then in top search engine results we found yahoo answer is also. So that chance of visibility of our website are very good.


  1. Can I put my link in yahoo answer? How?

    1. When we start on yahoo answers the link that we type will appear in as a text. As we participate in question answering in website. We earn points that increase my levels when we reach on 250 points then we on level 2. That URL type will be appear as active hyperlinks.


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