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15 Tips of Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is a process of marketing a product or service with the help of multiple marketing channels, such as a retail store, a web site, a mail order catalogue, or direct personal interaction using letters, email or text messages to reach potential customers. All these marketing channels can be covered by hiring a digital media agency which is the best in this field.
multi channel marketing
The purpose of using multiple channels is to make it easy for a consumer to buy the most appropriate product among the different options. For achieving success in business you have to create a proper level of service in all the channels. Problems in one channel can affect the other channels too. So, it is important to replicate brand values and good service in all the levels and you can achieve this by using an effective multi-channel strategy.
Here are some of the tips for effective multi-channel marketing:
Retain the customer:
The basic success strategy for multi-channel marketing is to allow your customer to interact with you as and when they want. There are various aspects used for multi-channel such as systems, processes and staff training; these should be chosen on the basis of customer preference.
Categorise your best customers:
Find out the customers who are multi-channel as they are more profitable than Promise an effortless experience:
Support customers to purchase your products or services by using any channel of their choice.
Offer discounts based on the channel cost:
Use the channel with the lowest associated costs to offer customers the best prices.
Ensure the same range in all the channels:
Provide the same product or service throughout all the channels, if you are an efficient offline brand, your customers’ visit online should be of the same standard as they have certain expectations of you.
Catch every possible order:
Use multiple channels to answer every order, if you don’t have particular goods in store you can tell about home delivery.
Prevent your brand from damage:
Consumers always opt for selling a brand whether they are searching at a web store or stores.
Get the right staff:
Web and catalogue marketing requires different skills from the traditional marketing, make sure that you hire the staff who have the right skills for the channel.
Provide a provision of online enquiries:
This service can be used to provide support to the new channels.
Incorporate your back office correctly:
Add your systems appropriately based on a package that already provides integration.
Provide centralised customer service:
Many companies centralise their customer service to make sure that same time person handles the customers, website and store enquiries.
Every customer is different, so you need to monitor the behaviour of each Individual customer.
Offer online consultations:
Provide one-on-one style consultations for each visitor to allow for better customer interaction.
Incorporate SEM with other channels:
This can help to create demand for other channels with the help of search engine marketing.
Develop a social corner:
Build a social area of your site by posting content that concentrates of lifestyles vs. products.

Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter


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