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SEO & Web Marketing Top 10 Predictions for 2016 by Rand Fishkin via MOZ

#1: Data will reveal Google organic results to have <70% CTR

#2: Mobile will barely cut in to desktop's usage and its growth rate in developed countries will slow

#3: Twitter will figure out how to grow again
Twitter Marketing

#4: Social content engines will become a force

#5: Yext will IPO, prompting even more interest in the world of local listings

#6: The death of normal distributions will hit both publishing and search results hard
search results

#7: The rise of adblocking is going to trigger attempts at legislation and incite more sites to restrict adblocking users

#8: DuckDuckGo will be the fastest-growing search engine of 2016

#9: Content marketing software for the non-enterprise will finally emerge

#10: The "big" trends for 2016: Wearables, VR, smart home, and Internet of Things will have almost no impact on the world of web marketing (yet)

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