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Upwork Knowledge of Google Analytics Test Answers

1. To apply filters to your data so as to keep your "raw" data intact, you can create a:
 Answers: • duplicate profile in your account.

 2. How can a goal in Google Analytics be made inactive?
 Answers: • by turning it off

 3. Google Analytics tracks data from a variety of sources to provide:
 Answers: • closed-loop ROI analysis.

 4. The traffic sources leading to increase in traffic and revenue can be identified by:
 Answers: • all traffic sources report>Ecommerce tab

 5. To identify the steps of a payment processing wizard that are causing people to abandon the purchase, you should:
 Answers: • use the funnel visualization report in Google Analytics.

 6. Once created, a custom report is available for as long as:
 Answers: • you want it.

 7. A visitor's interaction with your website after clicking on your Google AdWords Ad can be monitored by:
 Answers: • Google Analytics.

 8. The percentage of visits in which the users left your site after visiting only the entrance page is known as:
 Answers: • bounce rate.

 9. The above visualization can be obtained by:
 Answers: • goals>funnel visualization

 10. While customizing a goal, the 'Required step' checkbox:
 Answers: • affects only the Funnel Visualization report.

 11. Auto tagging and link tagging:
 Answers: • append additional query string parameters on to the end of URLs pointing to your site.

 12. A funnel can be defined:
 Answers: • after setting up a goal.

 13. The Query String Variable utm_content is used to:
 Answers: • differentiate between similar ads.

 14. To see the Google AdWords cost data within Google Analytics, you must:
 Answers: • check the "Apply Cost Data Checkbox" located under the Analytics tab while in Google AdWords.

 15. Motion charts allow you to visualize the data in a maximum of ___ dimensions.
 Answers: • 5

 16. Which three of the following variables are required for proper tracking by Analytics when you use campaign tracking?
 Answers: • utm_campaign

 17. Navigation summary shows:
 Answers: • paths visitors use to get to your content.

 18. Google analytics does not allow you to:
 Answers: • submit a sitemap.

 19. If you click Visualize on a Keyword report, each dot on the motion chart hence obtained will represent a:
 Answers: • date.

 20. The Google Analytics tracking code is:
 Answers: • domain-specific.

 21. The Google Analytics tracking code snippet needs to be placed in:
 Answers: • all the pages that need to be tracked.

 22. A funnel represents:
 Answers: • the path that you expect visitors to take on their way to converting to the goal.

 23. Unduplicated (counted only once) visitors to your website over the course of a specified time period are counted as:
 Answers: • Unique Visitors.

 24. Consider the following user navigation:

 The number of unique page views for the above mentioned user navigation is:
 Answers: • 3

 25. A unique pageview:
 Answers: • aggregates pageviews that are generated by the same user during the same session.

 26. Filters can not be used to:
 Answers: • identify problems with site metadata.

 27. If a visitor hits reload after reaching a page, it will be counted as:
 Answers: • an additional pageview.

 28. If there is a certain subdirectory of your website that you'd like to track,
 Answers: • you can create a filter to only report on traffic to that directory

 29. State whether true or false:

 It is possible to sign up for a Google Analytics Account via an existing Google AdWords account.
 Answers: • True

 30. Event Tracking Trending:
 Answers: • can be obtained by content>event tracking>trending

 31. For the purpose of Google Analytics reports, a session is considered to have ended if the user has been inactive on the site for:
 Answers: • 30 minutes.

 32. When the Google Analytics Tracking code is installed, tracking begins:
 Answers: • immediately.

 33. The following question is based on the graphic shown above.
 Which visualization does not belong to Google Analytics?
 Answers: • B

 34. Automatic tracking of Google AdWords campaigns in Google Analytics:
 Answers: • can be achieved by enabling "Auto Tagging" in Google AdWords.

 35. Which of the following statement about Google Analytics is incorrect?
 Answers: • You can not modify access for existing users.

 36. Excluding your own internal traffic in a Google Analytics report can:
 Answers: • be achieved by using Filters.

 37. For the purpose of generating reports, a unique visitor is determined using:
 Answers: • cookies.

 38. What is the maximum number of events per visit that can be tracked by Google Analytics?
 Answers: • 500

 39. Google Analytics logs a page-view:
 Answers: • each time the tracking code is executed.

 40. A pharmaceutical products website has a product description page with images, price and description of the drug X. The users can click the Order Now button on this page to reach the payment processing page. To track what fraction of the visitors visited the product description page, but not the payment processing page, you should:
 Answers: • create a funnel.

 41. Choose the incorrect statement.
 Answers: • Advanced fragmentation is a tool you can use to slice and dice your Analytics data with great precision.

 42. A high bounce rate generally indicates:
 Answers: • the site entrance pages aren't relevant to your visitors.

 43. While creating a new filter in Google Analytics, by which field can a custom filter be specified?
 Answers: • Filter Name


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