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Upwork/oDesk Google AdWords Test Answers (part1)

1. Which of the following is not a valid geographical targeting option?
 Answers: • Targeting female english speakers

 2. In the My Client Center, what does MDS stand for?
 Answers: • Manager Defined Spend

 3. If you have an exact match keyword being bid below the estimated first page minimum bid, can it show adverts on the first page?
 Answers: • Yes. It could even be below the estimated first page bid, and still show in position 1 at the top of the page.

 4. Can you use the same keywords in different ad groups?
 Answers: • Yes, always

 5. How is the ad ranking calculated?
 Answers: • Bid x Quality Score = Ad Ranking

 6. What happens when your cost reaches your budget amount?
 Answers: • Your ads will stop showing for that day

 7. AdWords will automatically ______ your keywords.
 Answers: • bolden

 8. Each campaign has a _________ budget.
 Answers: • daily

 9. How do you create a new campaign?
 Answers: • Use the New Campaign button on the Settings tab

 10. What is a SERP?
 Answers: • Search Engine Results Page

 11. What is in-line editing?
 Answers: • An account feature that lets you edit ads, keywords, placements, and bids right where you see them in your account.

 12. Google Gmail is part of the Adwords display network.
 Answers: • True

 13. What is one way to improve your ROI?
 Answers: • All of these

 14. What is the Display Ad Builder?
 Answers: • A tool within Google Adwords that allows you to create display ads

 15. What may happen if a keyword is not performing well?
 Answers: • All of these

 16. On what page are ads with 1-3 position?
 Answers: • page one

 17. Can you switch to manual bidding after you setup an automatic bidding?
 Answers: • Yes, always

 18. What is the minimum spending requirement?
 Answers: • None

 19. In what language can you create your campaign?
 Answers: • All of these

 20. Do you have to indicate your currency?
 Answers: • Yes, always

 21. Which of the following are acceptable ad formats when using the Display Network?
 Answers: • All of these

 22. What is true about Adwords remarketing?
 Answers: • All of these

 23. Who is allowed to use Google Adwords?
 Answers: • Anyone

 24. How many ads can you create with your account?
 Answers: • No limit

 25. Which of the following is an idea category provided by Adwords?
 Answers: • All of these

 26. What is PPC?
 Answers: • Pay Per Click Advertising

 27. Which of the following is a type of ad available in Adwords?
 Answers: • (All of these)

 28. When you review your statistics, what date range can you choose?
 Answers: • All of these

 29. Is it possible to make your ads only appear in certain areas of the country?
 Answers: • Yes

 30. Can you obtain an estimate of how many clicks you can expect per day?
 Answers: • Yes, always

 31. How often can you change your budget?
 Answers: • No limit

 32. What is considered to be a close variant of a word when using broad match keyword?
 Answers: • All of these

 33. What is a destination URL?
 Answers: • An address of a web page that visitors are directed to when they click on your ad

 34. What metric is a part of your Account Activity?
 Answers: • All of these

 35. What do you need (by default) to log in to your AdWords account?
 Answers: • An email address and a password

 36. What does CTR stand for in Adwords?
 Answers: • Click through rate

 37. Which one of these is a level of an AdWords account?
 Answers: • All of these

 38. What format is NOT available for you to choose for you ads?
 Answers: • MS Excel

 39. Can you control how much you spend daily on AdWords?
 Answers: • Yes, always

 40. True or False. You are able to see which time of the day when your AdWords converts the best.
 Answers: • True

 41. One set of keywords and placements for one or more ads is called a(n):
 Answers: • ad group

 42. Can you import conversion tracking data from Google Analytics?
 Answers: • Yes

 43. What tool can you use with Google AdWords to determine how much time customers spend on your site after they click your ad?
 Answers: • Google Analytics

 44. Which of the following is not a valid way to add keywords to your campaign?
 Answers: • Preceding your keyword with @ symbol to add variations

 45. Which of the following is a requirement for linking your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts together?
 Answers: • The same Google account email address is used for both services

 46. Which is an example of a negative matched keyword?
 Answers: • -used

 47. What are Adword's Managed Placements?
 Answers: • Ad placements on specific sites in the Display Network where you'd like your ads to appear

 48. Can you have multiple ad groups?
 Answers: • Yes, always

 49. Where can you get an overview of your ad campaigns?
 Answers: • Campaign Tab

 50. What is the primary benefit of broad matched keywords?
 Answers: • It attracts more traffic.

 51. What is the best tool to use to search keyword competition and search volume?
 Answers: • Keyword Planner

 52. Under which tab can you find a links to Google Analytics?
 Answers: • Tools and Analysis

 53. What are the two types of networks that Google uses?
 Answers: • Search network and content network

 54. What is a cost per click?
 Answers: • The amount of money to pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your web site

 55. What are "ideas"?
 Answers: • Adwords provided ideas to potentially improve your ad performance

 56. When does Google charge you for an ad?
 Answers: • Every time a person clicks your ad

 57. How can you find your disapproved ads?
 Answers: • Select the disapproved check box under Approval Status

 58. Surrounding your keyword phrase in brackets, such as [tennis shoes] will result in which type of keyword?
 Answers: • Exact match

 59. A My Client Center account is a Google Adwords umbrella account that houses multiple managed account.
 Answers: • True

 60. When you do a search query on, which two types of results could appear?
 Answers: • Organic listings and paid listings.

 61. Ad texts should be:
 Answers: • simple and enticing

 62. "Sign Up Now" is an example of a:
 Answers: • call to action

 63. What tab do you use to add or remove additional users to your account?
 Answers: • My account

 64. What is an Adwords budget?
 Answers: • The amount in click or impression charges that an account can accrue in a specified time period

 65. What is the purpose of the conversion tracking tool?
 Answers: • To see how clicks convert into sales

 66. True or false? It is NOT possible to pause an individual text ad.
 Answers: • False

 67. How many websites can you advertise in a single ad group?
 Answers: • 1

 68. When you subscribe to Google AdWords, how does that affect natural Google search results?
 Answers: • There is no effect

 69. What are excluded placements?
 Answers: • Websites or webpages where you don't want to run your ads.

 70. What can be done to improve the position of your ad?
 Answers: • Increase your CPC bid

 71. Can your ads be shown on iPhones?
 Answers: • Yes, always

 72. What are the two types of placements on the content network?
 Answers: • Managed and automatic

 73. What are managed placements?
 Answers: • Ad placements on specific sites on the Google Display Network chosen by the advertiser.

 74. When you review your statistics, which one of these can you not review?
 Answers: • Number of sales

 75. What is the minimum monthly charge for Google AdWords service?
 Answers: • None

 76. Where can you find your Notification Settings?
 Answers: • My Account

 77. How can you avoid showing an ad when users search for free or cheap?
 Answers: • add "cheap" and "free" as negative keywords

 78. Which one is a mandatory step when you create you AdWords account?
 Answers: • Indicating the time zone

 79. What do you call putting an ad on a specific webpage of the Google Display Network?
 Answers: • A placement.

 80. What is a broad match keyword?
 Answers: • Allows your ad to show on similar phrases and relevant variations

 81. What is Manager Defined Spend (MDS)?
 Answers: • A simple way for MCC users to control the budgets of their managed accounts

 82. What are call extensions?
 Answers: • An ad feature that allows you to add a phone number to your text ad

 83. What is an automatic bidding?
 Answers: • An option that allows Google to provide as many clicks as possible within your budget

 84. What do you use to navigate to different sections of your account?
 Answers: • Tabs in the top

 85. How are AdWords ranked?
 Answers: • By the quality of ads and the maximum cost per click

 86. Which symbol is used to denote an exact keyword match?
 Answers: • [keyword]

 87. In remarketing campaigns, what is the default membership duration?
 Answers: • 30 days

 88. Preceding your keyword with a minus sign, such as tennis shoes -used, will result in which type of keyword?
 Answers: • Negative match

 89. What is remarketing?
 Answers: • Targeting previous visitors of your website as they browse other sites on the Google Display Network

 90. Destinational URL is:
 Answers: • The address for the webpage where you'd like people to be sent after they click your ad.

 91. What is a rich media ad?
 Answers: • An ad that contains animation or other types of motion

 92. What does CPM stand for in Google Adwords?
 Answers: • Cost per thousand impressions

 93. What is a negative keyword?
 Answers: • Ensures your ad does not show for any search containing that word

 94. Which factor has no influence on Quality Score?
 Answers: • Budget

 95. Which setting is NOT available to choose when you create an ad?
 Answers: • A formatted image

 96. Which of the following can be found in the Tools and Analysis tab?
 Answers: • Keyword tool

 97. If your ad is disapproved, how do you resubmit it?
 Answers: • Edit the ad and resave it

 98. Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Call-To-Action Phrase?
 Answers: • Buy Here

 99. What is the traffic estimator?
 Answers: • A click estimate on selected keywords

 100. Does a high appearance in organic search results affect whether your advert appears in AdWords?
 Answers: • No. Google treats paid search and organic search separately.

 101. True or false? Keywords are case sensitive.
 Answers: • False

 102. What does the field Avg. Pos. refer to?
 Answers: • The average position of where your ad is showing relative to other ads

 103. Joe and Jane have separate ads competing for the keyword "camera." If Joe's quality score is 8 and his maximum CPC is $1.25, and Jane's quality score is 10 and her maximum CPC is $1.10, whose ad will rank higher in a ranking auction?
 Answers: • Jane's

 104. What is a placement?
 Answers: • Locations on the Google Display Network where your ad could appear

 105. How do you add sitelinks to your campaign?
 Answers: • The Ad Extension tab

 106. If your daily budget is $100 and you have a click bid amount of $.25, what would the maximum number of clicks you could expect to get each day?
 Answers: • 400

 107. What is the Adwords account hierarchy?
 Answers: • Account > campaign > ad group

 108. Which of the following is not a keyword match type?
 Answers: • Variable

 109. What is the default keyord matching option?
 Answers: • Broad Match

 110. What are Google AdWords keywords?
 Answers: • Words and phrases that a user types into the Google search box

 111. Which of these is not a keyword match-type?
 Answers: • normal

 112. What does MCC stand for?
 Answers: • My Client Center.

 113. What does it mean if your account is set to Manual Payments?
 Answers: • You must add money to your account before you receive ad activity

 114. What is the best tool to use to estimate click traffic based on your maximum CPC and daily budget levels?
 Answers: • Traffic Estimator.

 115. Where do ads with placement selection appear?
 Answers: • Wherever in the Google Display Network you've chosen

 116. Which of the following searches will not show your ad when you are using the phrase match keyword "guitar strings"?
 Answers: • Strings for guitar

 117. Which of the following is not a website that Google AdWords is featured on?
 Answers: • Yahoo

 118. Which is an example of an exact matched keyword?
 Answers: • [Buy laptop]

 119. What will happen if you add a comma to a two word keyword phrase?
 Answers: • The system will treat it as two separate keywords

 120. Which one of these is not a tab within a campaign tab?
 Answers: • Format

 121. Which of these is not quality score factor?
 Answers: • Domain Name

 122. What is a display URL?
 Answers: • A URL that will appear in the bottom of your ad

 123. Which is not a strong call-to-action for your Ad?
 Answers: • Search for Twiddles

 124. Which element will NOT help you design successful advertising campaigns?
 Answers: • Not including one of your keywords in your ad text.

 125. Why are two or three word phrases better than one word keywords?
 Answers: • One word keywords tend to be too generic

 126. What is a bidding option?
 Answers: • A way to control the cost of your campaign

 127. What does MCC stand for?
 Answers: • My Client Center

 128. What setting limits the number of times your ads appear on the Google Display Network to a unique user?
 Answers: • Frequency Capping.

 129. Which of the following is NOT a campaign option?
 Answers: • Future

 130. What does Adwords ask a trademark holder to have in order to send a complaint to Adwords against another company?
 Answers: • Information regarding where and in what industries the mark is valid

 131. Max bid x quality score =
 Answers: • Ad Rank

 132. How do you get a My Client Center account?
 Answers: • Visit and sign up

 133. You will see an error message if you try to add keywords containing which symbol to your account?
 Answers: • @

 134. Phone numbers are acceptable in what part of your ad?
 Answers: • Call extension

 135. How can you discover relevant placements?
 Answers: • Use the placement tool

 136. What will happen if you don't select a keyword specific bid?
 Answers: • The adgroup default bid will apply to the keyword

 137. What is the maximum number of characters in a Ad headline.
 Answers: • 25

 138. How many characters can you include into a head line of an English language ad?
 Answers: • Up to 25

 139. What is a phrase match keyword?
 Answers: • Allows your ad to display for searches that contain your phrase or close variants

 140. What does WAP stand for?
 Answers: • Wireless Application Protocol

 141. If you have set a keyword specific bid but want to revert back to the default adgroup bid, how do you accomplish this?
 Answers: • Delete the bid amount from the Max CPC field and click save

 142. Along with cost per click, what is the other form of bidding used within Adwords?
 Answers: • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

 143. What does CPM stand for?
 Answers: • Cost-per-thousand.

 144. Which of the following searches will show your ad when you are using the keyword [guitar strings]?
 Answers: • Guitar strings

 145. How do you implement a broad match modifier?
 Answers: • By putting a + directly in front of one or more words

 146. What is it called when a company's ads are matches to relevant webpages?
 Answers: • Contextual targeting

 147. If an ad has a click-through-rate of 2% and an average CPC of $0.50, what is the effective CPM?
 Answers: • $10

 148. Which is an example of unacceptable ad text?
 Answers: • Click here.

 149. Where can you adjust Geo-Targeting?
 Answers: • Campaign Level

 150. How do you exclude topics in contextual targeting?
 Answers: • Use the exclusions link in the topics tab or negatives

 151. What is the maximum number of AdWords ads that could show on the first page of desktop search results?
 Answers: • 11

 152. Surrounding your keyword phrase in quotes, such as "tennis shoes" will result in which type of keyword?
 Answers: • Phrase match

 153. What are Ad Sitelinks?
 Answers: • A feature for search based ads that lets you include links to other site content not included in your main landing page

 154. When using broad match, how can you see which search term variations have triggered your ad?
 Answers: • Run a Search Query Report

 155. Which is not a Google recommended element of quality to keep in mind when optimizing your site:
 Answers: • Traffic rather than the user should be the focus of your optimization efforts

 156. To set a special promotion to go live at a certain time without manually turning it on, what feature would you use?
 Answers: • Ad scheduling

 157. To save wasted clicks, ad texts should include:
 Answers: • prices and promotions

 158. What can you do with Remarketing?
 Answers: • Remarket to users who have visited your site before in the search & display network

 159. True or false? Prices stated in your Ad test must always be supported within 1-2 clicks of your landing page.
 Answers: • True

 160. Which of these is not a bidding option?
 Answers: • EPC

 161. What is the Adwords Quality Score used for?
 Answers: • Measuring how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and the user's query

 162. How does the Automatic Payment billing method work?
 Answers: • You are billed after you accrue the costs of your account activity

 163. Which of these is an acceptable ad headline?
 Answers: • Widgets In-Stock Now

 164. Does the order of modified broad match keywords matter? That is, is "+red +shoes" the same as "+shoes +red"?
 Answers: • No, the order doesn't matter.

 165. How is CTR calculated?
 Answers: • Clicks/Ad impressions

 166. Where can you setup your AdWords Remarketing lists?
 Answers: • Both

 167. What requirement must your campaign meet in order to use the Conversion Optimizer?
 Answers: • The campaign must have received at least 15 conversions in the last 30 days.

 168. Where can you find the reason your ad was disapproved?
 Answers: • Click the icon next to the ad

 169. What is necessary to run Product Listing Ads?
 Answers: • Google Merchant Center Account

 170. What is an effect of moving a keyword to another ad group?
 Answers: • Your statistics (temporarily) reset to zero for that keyword

 171. What is the membership duration of a remarketing campaign?
 Answers: • How long a user's cookie stays on the membership list if the user doesn't visit your site again

 172. Which benefit is not a result of a negative keyword?
 Answers: • Reach a wider audience

 173. In the United States, what is the minimum bid?
 Answers: • $0.01

 174. How do you calculate AdRank?
 Answers: • AdRank = Max CPC * Quality Score

 175. Online advertising goals generally fall into one of two categories:
 Answers: • Direct response or branding.

 176. Which of the following is NOT directly influenced by a high quality score?
 Answers: • Conversion rate

 177. What is the keyword analysis field?
 Answers: • This field give you an in-depth view of your keyword's performance.

 178. How long can updates to your reporting take?
 Answers: • Up to 24 hours

 179. Where would you change a campaign's linked Google Places account?
 Answers: • The Ad Extension tab

 180. What is the formula for a clickthrough rate?
 Answers: • (Ad clicks / ad impressions) x 100

 181. Which of the following is true of inline editing in Google AdWords?
 Answers: • When a keyword, placement or ad is edited, its statistics reset to zero

 182. Which text is not allowed in your ad under any circumstances?
 Answers: • Click here

 183. If you have ads for two campaigns that share a keyword, and a search user types in the keyword, how many ads of yours will they see?
 Answers: • At most one; the keyword with the highest Ad rank will win.

 184. To set up Conversion Tracking, you can
 Answers: • Any of the Above

 185. What happens if a client manager moves all his managed accounts to MDS (Manager Defined Spend)?
 Answers: • will be billed for these accounts via manager order-level monthly invoice

 186. What determines the first page bid estimate?
 Answers: • Quality Score and current advertiser competition for that key word.

 187. What are the Adwords account access levels?
 Answers: • Administrative, Standard, Read-only, Email-only.

 188. How do you set different bid multipliers for different times of the day?
 Answers: • Campaigns > Advanced settings > Ad Scheduling > Bid Adjustment

 189. Which of the following is a requirement for including a price, special discount, or free offer in your ad?
 Answers: • It must be clearly displayed on your website within 1-2 clicks of your landing page

 190. AdWords by default uses spelling variations and close variations even for exact match and phrase match keywords. Where do you adjust the settings to get the old behaviour of exact match and phrase match?
 Answers: • Campaign level

 191. True or false? You can add a phone number to your Ad Text.
 Answers: • False

 192. If 50,000 people search for the keywords that triggers your ad, but only 250 people click on your ad , What would be the CTR?
 Answers: • 0.5%

 193. True or false? Broad match modifiers can be used in negative keywords.
 Answers: • False

 194. What are the three components of the AdWords ecosystem?
 Answers: • Advertisers, Users, Publishers

 195. What does the Google Network consist of?
 Answers: • The Google Search Network and the Google Display Network.

 196. How does contextual advertising work?
 Answers: • Keywords are matched to a website by relevancy of context determined by MediaBot

 197. What is the range for daily spending?
 Answers: • $0-$100,000

 198. On the display network, how would you show your ad on different pages related to a single topic, rather than individual keywords?
 Answers: • Use topic targeting

 199. The quality score is a measure of:
 Answers: • your ad's relevance

 200. When can an ad use superlatives, like "best" or "#1"?
 Answers: • If the claim can be verified by a third-party site.

 201. What is AdWords Express?
 Answers: • A way for local businesses to easily advertise to potential customers

 202. Video campaigns allow you to only display the URL you are actually linking to.
 Answers: • False

 203. What is the immediate quality score advantage to adding all possible match types of a keyword to your campaign?
 Answers: • There is no advantage

 204. The diagnose keywords feature will show a status of:
 Answers: • Low bid or quality score

 205. You have an AdGroup with the broad match keyword "IT jobs," but you don't want single word search queries like "jobs" to match. Which of the following is a way to exclude the search query "jobs" for this AdGroup?
 Answers: • Change the keyword to phrase match

 206. What is not considered to be a close variant of a word when using broad match keyword?
 Answers: • Synonyms

 207. What is the minimum quality score needed for a keyword not to be edited?
 Answers: • 5

 208. How is conversion rate calculated?
 Answers: • Conversions / Clicks

 209. Where do you redeem advertising credits you've received for referring others to Adwords?
 Answers: • Google does not offer referral credits in Adwords.

 210. What is the minimum CPM bid amount?
 Answers: • $0.25

 211. Which of the following is not a technique that Google uses to determine location targeting?
 Answers: • The time zone the user is in.

 212. What is the Bid Simulator used for?
 Answers: • Estimate the cost, clicks, and impressions your ad could have received over the past seven days if you had set a different CPC bid

 213. What is the limit on number of Adgroups in an Adwords Campaign?
 Answers: • 20000

 214. What bidding option(s) are initially available for the Google Search Network?
 Answers: • CPC bidding only.

 215. Under what circumstance is "+1" in the ad text acceptable?
 Answers: • If it is part of a value or amount, such as "Get a 3 day rental +1 day free"

 216. Each ad group has an initial limit of how many keywords?
 Answers: • 2,000

 217. In remarketing campaigns, what is the maximum membership duration?
 Answers: • 540 days

 218. Under what circumstance will you not be able to edit individual keyword bids?
 Answers: • You can always edit individual keyword bids

 219. What are enhanced online campaigns?
 Answers: • Contextual targeting among placements.

 220. What could cause a conversion with no click associated with it?
 Answers: • The click comes from a blacklisted or filtered IP address, or from organic searching

 221. What is the maximum number of IP addresses that can be excluded per campaign?
 Answers: • 500

 222. What is the name for a 160 x 600 image ad?
 Answers: • Wide skyscraper

 223. What is the limits of keywords in an Adwords Adgroup?
 Answers: • 5000


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