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Upwork/oDesk Google Webmaster Central Test Answers

1. If you verify your site for Google Webmaster Tools at, you can not see errors with URLs for ______.
 Answers: • --- or --- •

 2. Which of the following should be used to permanently remove the cached version of your page from Google search results?
 Answers: • meta noarchive tag.

 3. Increasing the Googlebot crawl rate for your website ______
 Answers: • will increase the number of Googlebot requests per second.

 4. The following question is based on the above diagram.

 Clicking on the test python online link will ______.
 Answers: • show the position in search results for the query test python online.

 5. If you want your users to visit instead of, you should ______
 Answers: • use Webmaster Tools to set your preferred domain.

 6. Removing using the URL removal tool will also remove from Google's index.
 Answers: • Yes

 7. Specialized Google Sitemap formats:
 Answers: • are specific to Google and are not used by other search engines.

 8. Webmaster Tools does not show:
 Answers: • which webpages of your site are generating the least revenue.

 9. If the Webmaster Tools data shows missing Titles in the pages of your website, ______.
 Answers: • the missing titles must be replaced as soon as possible.

 10. The crawl errors shown in Google webmaster tools do not include:
 Answers: • images without alt text

 11. Which of the following stats about Googlebot crawl activity are not shown in Google webmaster tools?
 Answers: • Custom reports

 12. Files in the URLs that are protected by authentication:
 Answers: • can be retrieved by Google but can not be cached by it.

 13. Registering the misspellings of a well known website as a domain for your website ______.
 Answers: • is considered a misleading practice

 14. If you submit a News sitemap for your website, Google News will:
 Answers: • use normal crawl methods to search and index your news site.

 15. In case you feel the expected keywords are missing from the Google webmasters keywords page, you should:
 Answers: • review the Crawl Errors page for your site and take corrective action, if required.

 16. A Sitemap file can contain no more than ______.
 Answers: • 50,000 URLs.

 17. Enabling your web server to support the "If-Modified-Since" HTTP header:
 Answers: • allows your web server to tell Google whether your content has changed since it last crawled your site.

 18. If you set the Geographic target of your website as Canada,
 Answers: • Google will consider your website better optimized to search results when users choose show pages from Canada while using Google search.

 19. Choose the incorrect statement.
 Answers: • You must place your Video Sitemap at a publicly accessible URL.

 20. The above graphic shows:
 Answers: • the images from your site not crawled by Google

 21. You can report about a website to Google which indulges in buying or selling "paid links" through Webmaster Tools.
 Answers: • True

 22. The first page you see on logging into Google Webmaster tools is______.
 Answers: • Dashboard

 23. A custom crawl rate set for Google Webmaster Tools is valid for ______.
 Answers: • 90 days

 24. State whether true or false:

 The data displayed in Google Webmaster Tools may be different from the data shown by other tools such as Google Analytics.
 Answers: • False

 25. Google recommends adding _______ version of your website to Google Webmaster Tools.
 Answers: • every

 26. The above error message can be customized by:
 Answers: • modifying the sitemap.

 27. What is the maximum number of links that should be displayed on a single page according to Google Webmaster guidelines?
 Answers: • Fewer than 100

 28. If you specify your preferred domain as and Google finds a link to your site that is formatted as, it will be followed as ______.
 Answers: •

 29. Google Webmaster Tools does not______.
 Answers: • show funnel visualization

 30. The appearance of which of the following in Google Webmaster Tools could be a sign that your site has been hacked?
 Answers: • Unexpected keywords like "Viagra" in the keywords page

 31. Specialized Google Sitemap formats do not include:
 Answers: • Apps Sitemaps

 32. Moving the slider of the Set Custom crawl rate to a faster pace______
 Answers: • may increase the Googlebot traffic on your server.

 33. Google determines the "recommended crawl rate" based on ______.
 Answers: • the number of pages in your site

 34. Webmaster Tools helps you see your site:
 Answers: • the way Google sees it.

 35. Google Webmaster Tools does not:
 Answers: • show the number of unique page views during a given time period.

 36. Google Webmaster Tools does not help you to see ______.
 Answers: • your site's popularity stats

 37. To help Google determine how your site appears in Google's country-specific search results, you should ______.
 Answers: • define a geographical target

 38. While submitting a Sitemap, if you specify your site location as, your URL list:
 Answers: • should not contain the URLs that begin with

 39. Setting a geographic target through Google Webmaster Tools:
 Answers: • will improve your site's appearance in search results specific for the same geographical area.


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