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SSC CGL Exam 2016 Notification, Dates, Results

SSC CGL Notification : Your Gateway to apply for Thousand's of vacancies in Central Govt. Departments and Ministries.

CGL 2016 will be on 8th and 22nd May, 2016. Notification will be announced on 13th Feb, 2016

Staff Selection Commission's much awaited Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam 2016 Notification, will be announced on 13th Feb, 2016. The Date, is know, now as the SSC Calendar for 2016, is out

SSC will release its Annual Examination Calendar for 2016 in the month of September / October on the Official Website of SSC. The SSC Calendar 2016 contains the Complete List of Competitive Examinations and Departmental Examinations

In the upcoming posts, we will share the SSC Examination Calendar with you and In this post, we will share each and every thing, you need to know about theSSC CGL 2016 Notification

As, most of you know, that SSC CGL, is one of the most competitive exams in India and the Best way to get Government Jobs in Central Govt Departments and Ministries, therefore, you must apply for SSC CGL 2015. You can also read our Detailed SSC CGL 2016 Manual and know about each and every aspect of exam

Update (As on 29th Jan, 2016)

Still, there are 15 days, for the CGL 2016 Notification to be officially announced, but before, that, there is another Central Government Job Notification, that will surely impress you and that is Personal Assistant Jobs in Intelligence Bureau Departments under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). 

The details, regarding the Recruitment are shared at the link below

Intelligence Bureau Personal Assistant Recruitment 2016

SSC CGL Notification 2016

SSC will release the CGL Notification for 2015 in the first half of 2016, possibly in the month of March/April. SSC didn't follow a fixed timetable for the release of Notification. Sometimes, Notification is released in January, sometimes in March and at times in May. 

Here are the SSC CGL Notification Dates of the Last 5 years

1) SSC CGL 2011 Notification Date: 19th March, 2011

2) SSC CGL 2012 Notification Date: 24th March, 2012

3) SSC CGL 2013 Notification Date: 19th Jan, 2013

4) SSC CGL 2014 Date of Notification: 18th Jan, 2014

5) SSC CGL 2015 Notification: 2nd May, 2015

6) SSC CGL 2016 Notification : 13th Feb, 2015 (Tentative)

So, as you can see the above List, that SSC never follows a fixed timetable for the release of Notification. So, we cannot comment on the Notification for SSC CGL Exam 2016, unless or until there is an official word on it by SSC.

Tentative Dates: But going by the trend followed by SSC, over the last few years, the most expected time for release of SSC CGL Notification is either Jan 2016 OR  March 2016 and the exam date is expected to be around June/July 2016.

[Update As on13th Nov, 2015] : SSC CGL 2016 Dates Announced

On 13th Nov, 2015, SSC had announced its examination calendar for the year 2016-17. As per the Calendar, CGL 2016 Tier-1 Exam is tentatively scheduled on 8th May and 22nd May, 2016

The Notification or Advertisement will be released on 13th Feb, 2016. Although there is still suspense whether the CGL 2016 will be an online Exam Or offline exam and things will get clear only when the SSC CGL 2016 Notification will be announced.

If you apply for SSC Exams other than CGL, then you should also check the Official SSC Exam Calendar 2016 to know the dates of other SSC Exam in 2016.

Now, you know the Exam is scheduled in May, 2016, therefore its high time, that you start your preparation by going through the SSC CGL Syllabus and most importantly read these Books for SSC CGL Exam 2016 to crack the exam in first attempt

Applicants are also advised not to wait for the Last days for submitting the online application, and apply early, as during the last days the website may be heavy or non-responsive due to heavy traffic and as such apply well before the SSC CGL 2016 Last Date ie 14th March, 2016

How to get the SSC CGL Notification ?

You can obtain the SSC CGL 2016 Notification, in two ways: either Online from the Official SSC Website of SSC OR Offline from the Employment News Paper.

1) From SSC's Website: If you have a smartphone, Laptop Or PC, then this is the most convenient way to get the SSC CGL Notification. SSC had made a special page named "Notices"  on its Website, and you can download the PDF from this page and save it for future references

2) From Employment Newspaper: Employment Newspaper is one of few the Newspapers in India, with high readership. Its a weekly newspaper and it contains collection of Govt Jobs. 

Apart from the Official Website, SSC will publish the Detailed Advertisement in the Employment Newspaper. 

All the SSC Notices and Exam Notifications are published in this Newspaper. It is available at an affordable price of only Rs 8/- (Now Rs 12/-)

3) SSC CGL 2016 Website:  We have made this website, to provide you Details on each and every aspect of SSC CGL Exam 2016. Once the Official Notification is Out., we will made the same available on this page.

What After the CGL 2016 Notification ?

Once the SSC CGL Notification 2016 is out, the next big thing, is to apply online for the exam and fill your CGL 2016 form before the last date. 

Carefully fill the form, otherwise you may face, difficulties in the later stages of the examination. To help applicants, correctly filling the Application form, we have written a Detailed post on submitting SSC CGL 2016 Application form online , so that you didn't face any difficulty at the time of online registration 

Once the form gets filled up, gear up you Exam Preparation and start to prepare early for this exam, as it will help you in the long run, and to boost your preparation, you should study these Books for CGL Tier-1 Exam  

What's Next ?

The Next time, we will update this page, you will see the Official SSC CGL Notification 2016. So Keep checking this page, regularly OR Bookmark (Control+D) this be the First to Know, when SSC will notify the CGL Notification.


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